Changing the System Mindfully. Are we imprisoned by our unexamined concepts???

Changing the System Mindfully. Are we imprisoned by our unexamined concepts???
Humanity is imprisoned by a heartless monetary system, co-dependently arising from dichotomy of man and nature, self and society, ecology and economy, and public and private. How is the system fabricated? How do we awaken from our collective delusion and suffering? Please share this blog for Contemplative Social Action to Cultivate a Culture of Awakening! "Do everything with a mind that lets go" - Ajahn Chah

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who are responsible? What can we learn?

The Time Magazine identifies top 25 leaders and their policy decisions leading to the current economic collapse. The top 25 to blame includes leaders of both parties, a wide variety of institutions, and not just white men. And consumers (all of us) also figure at the top of the list.

The following Bill Moyer interview with William K. Black, a senior former bank regulator about the systemic fraud rampant in our financial institutions is worth watching. How do the banksters, CEOs, rating agencies do it - make bad loans (called Ninja loans, liar loans, toxic assets in inside jargons) and get away with it? Bernie Madoff is only a piper compared to the ponzi scheme of major banks that is systemic. The bailout covers up the real situation from the public and violates existing law of receivership (nationalization) of failed banks.

I learned a new thing or two from watching 'Capitalism: A Love Story" the other day. Corporations are busy buying and profiting from big life insurance known as "Dead Peasant Policy" on their workers. Women and young workers are worth more when they die and the worker's family don't get to see a penny of the tax-free windfall corporations receive. This is all done without the knowledge of the employee. When are we going to stand up or sit down and take ownership of our own life, our own mind, our thoughts, prejudices, perception, speech, livelihood, action or non-actions?

See the result of a recent factory sit-in by laid off workers in Chicago. Visteon Auto workers in London and Belfast, UK occupies several plants over a month before ending sit-in. What is the most ethical action we might take as citizens?

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