Changing the System Mindfully. Are we imprisoned by our unexamined concepts???

Changing the System Mindfully. Are we imprisoned by our unexamined concepts???
Humanity is imprisoned by a heartless monetary system, co-dependently arising from dichotomy of man and nature, self and society, ecology and economy, and public and private. How is the system fabricated? How do we awaken from our collective delusion and suffering? Please share this blog for Contemplative Social Action to Cultivate a Culture of Awakening! "Do everything with a mind that lets go" - Ajahn Chah

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unveiling the Deluded World of Finance & Banking

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-- Margaret Mead

I was surfing the web today on the subject of money after my six weeks trip to India to get over my jetlag. This may make you laugh and cry or make you both sad and mad but we must not go back to sleep and miss this great historic opportunity to come out of our unconscious collective mind prison/poison of delusion, greed and aversion. It is time to wake up!

  • Some naughty Englishmen making a pun of "structured investment vehicles" or products of American Financial Ingenuity here on youtube to enlighten the rest of us financially impaired about the recent subprime mortagage crisis that turned Bear & Stearns belly up.

Buddha taught dukkha arising fundamentally out of ignorance (avijja) and false view of reality. He also encouraged the spirit of open and free inquiry (Kalama Sutta) in evaluating the merit of any doctrine, teacher or teachings.

Since economics have almost acquired the status of a modern secular religion with its own church and priests aka the Chicago Boys and Jeffrey Sachs, we can take the cue from Kalamas and need not stay confused and ignorant and extend the globalization of empire and dukkha for our children and the planet.

In the News: Beware The Chicago Boys by Naomi Klein, The Gaurdian June 14,08 [link]

Before we can create a new fair currency system for the welfare and happiness of many, we need to develop sammaditthi or right view (wholesome view, vision and understanding) of money itself. Developing Right view and Right Understanding takes patience, persistence and insight (panna) into our collective reality and collective experience as it is unfolding now, and the nature of our collective mind conditioning.

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Steve Ballmer said...

There are no monopolies, only people who think there are monopolies!

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